Three Attachment Systems... Unlimited Design Options

Carlsbad Sheraton Grill

Carslbad Resort Grill

Bacon’s Architectural Muntins offers three attachment systems designed to accommodate your building’s aluminum storefront and curtainwall systems.

Our fully assembled grids give you virtually any appearance you might imagine.  Our standard muntin profiles along with our custom profile extrusion and finishing capabilities give the designer all the tools needed for any project.

Screw-Applied BAM

Screw-Applied BAM is ideal for quick application on standard center-glazed storefront systems and ‘deep cap’ curtainwall framing.  Originally designed so aluminum storefront will replicate steel sash windows, our unique system has been used for historic renovations across the U.S.

The screw-attachment method effectively helps installing glaziers contain field installation costs.  Screw-Applied grids each have invisible silicone buttons keeping grids off the glass to prevent ‘rattle’ and allow for a positive water run-off to prevent dirt build-up and aid hose-cleaning.

PDf icon Screw Applied Sample (231 kb)

Glaze-In BAM

Glaze-In BAM works well for standard curtainwall, aluminum entrance doors, front-glazed storefront and for two-piece systems.  The glaze-in flange saves labor time almost as much as our Screw-Applied System.  Both the Screw-Applied grids and the Glaze-In muntin grids can be removed for deglazing as needed.

PDf icon Glaze-in Sample (114 kb)

Tape-Applied BAM

Tape-Applied BAM is used for unique settings and high performance applications.  This system requires glass must first be cleaned and then special tapes permanently adhere grids directly to glass.

PDf icon Tape-Applied Sample (59 kb)